Back in 2010 one of my interviews with Ian Bowyer was published. Bowyer won European trophies at both Manchester City and Nottingham Forest. The interview ended with Bowyer talking about modern day football (this was 2010 before City rediscovered their trophy winning ways) and he commented: ‘Can I add that I really want to see City re-establish themselves as a successful side? I know what this Club can achieve and I hope success – real success – comes soon.’  Subscribers can now read this 3,000 word article here as it was first published:

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Brian Clough’s Last

On this day (27th February) in 1993 Manchester City defeated Nottingham Forest 2-0 at the City Ground in the Premier League.  The scorers were David White and Garry Flitcroft.  The win in this first Premier League season was important to City of course but this game was also the last time Brian Clough managed a side against City.  

Look carefully at the above photo – clearly that’s David White, but look at the Forest player to the left of the image. Yes, it’s Roy Keane.

I did the last recorded interview with Peter Swales back in 1995-96 and I asked him about Brian Clough and the England job. Swales had been the boss of the FA Selection Committee for many years and Clough never seemed to be given the chance to manage England. Swales responded to my question about Clough by saying words to the effect of ‘We could’ve had Cloughie at England – and at City – bit he’d have wanted to run the whole thing. And that was my job.’

In the interview Swales explained that Clough had wanted the City job in 1983 (when Billy McNeill was appointed).

Historic Name That Ground – Week 25 Answer

On Monday I asked you to identify this ground. The clues I gave were: ‘This image is from before the Second World War. The ground is still in use and has hosted Premier League football. A couple of other clues… Believe it or not there is a river behind the stand on the left. Also, although almost everything in the photo has changed the building at the bottom of the image is, as far as I’m aware, still standing (or at least I’ve seen it on a similar aerial photo from about 7 years ago). That building has been remodelled somewhat though!’ The answer is…

Nottingham Forest’s City Ground. Search for aerial photos of the ground and you’ll see the building still standing at the bottom of the image.

Next ground on Monday.

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