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Chelsea – 4 Points Taken

Today (6 February) in 2005 a Stamford Bridge crowd of 42,093 witnessed a goalless draw between Manchester City and Chelsea.  This meant City were the only side to take 4 points from the eventual Champions.

True Blues – John Allison

Continuing the series of ‘True Blue’ figures associated with the early years of Manchester City, here’s an article on John Allison who was a key figure with Ardwick AFC, Manchester City, Salford Harriers and also at Celtic. You can find out why this man was such an important figure in Manchester City history below:

The Munich Air Disaster: A Long Read

6th February is of course the anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster. Back in 2008 I researched and wrote the following 8000+ word piece on the Munich Air Disaster. It spells out the story of the disaster; the spirit of Manchester at the time and explains how the tragedy affected individuals from both Red and…

1964 League Cup Semi

Today (5 February) in 1964 Manchester City defeated Stoke 1-0 in the second leg of the League Cup semi-final. The goalscorer was Derek Kevan. This was the first time City had reached the semi final stage but the competition was not particularly welcome at this time in football history. Here’s a report of the game: Attendances…


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