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This website provides regular articles, posts, history talks, books and interviews. Some of this is free to read, watch or listen to, but there’s also a significant amount of content only available to subscribers. As of May 2022 Subscriber content includes PDFs of three books (Farewell To Maine Road: The Official History of Manchester City’s Grounds; Manchester A Football History; From Maine Men to Banana Citizens – my first book published in 1989). These have been out of print for several years.

In addition to the books subscribers get a guaranteed 4 new articles each month (in practice this has been significantly higher than that) and access to the 100s of articles already posted to the site. During 2022 there has been at least one post per day added to the site. Subscriber content includes history talks on various aspects of Manchester City and interviews with players, managers and others, including an exclusive interview with Noel Gallagher:

Use the search facility to find content that has already been posted. There are two subscription options (see below).

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