Thanks – Match Programme

I would like to thank all those who have been in touch this season about my articles in the Manchester City match programme. I truly am grateful for those words. I have been fortunate enough to have been writing for the programme for a few years and always enjoy trying to tell a different story, or use a different angle. There’s so much to say and do and my programme articles in this year’s programme focused on a history piece (which I always try to make relevant to today – but that’s easy when you have history making managers like Pep and record breaking players like Haaland) and a crowd/attendance feature.

I hope they’ve been of interest and, with the crowd feature in particular, I have heard from several fans who have enjoyed the myth-busting that has come from that. Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to carry on writing for the programme over the coming years but if not, thanks to all those who read the piece. I’m driven by publishing the facts not the fiction and writing in an entertaining manner. I hope that comes across.

This season has also seen me write articles for the FA Cup semi-final and two for the upcoming FA Cup final. So there’s still at least 2 pieces coming this season in significant programmes.

Thanks again to all those who read my work and thanks to Reach for selecting me for the MCFC match programmes.

1898: The First Ever Salford and Newton Heath Match Programme is Produced

On this day (9 May) in 1898 the first ever Newton Heath and Salford match programme was produced however all is not what it seems. This was actually a mock up of what a Manchester football programme could look like and was used to officially register the new publication. Everything in this issue was mocked up based on an Everton-Liverpool style programme. The company behind the Manchester programme was Merseyside based.

From 9 May 1898 the first Manchester football programme was a mock up based on Everton Liverpool programme

When the programme properly began the following football season it carried the details of not only Newton Heath and Salford but also Broughton Rangers and Manchester City.

One interesting image the original mock up contained was this scene from an Everton Liverpool game which it described as the finest picture of football ever published (hyperbole, hey?).

From 9 May 1898 the first Manchester football programme was a mock up based on Everton Liverpool programme

NEWS: City Reflections

I’m delighted to say that earlier this week I agreed to write a regular column for the new Manchester City Match Programme. If all goes to plan it should be included in today’s programme. There will be two pieces written by me…

One will be about 3 pages or so on a historical theme and the other will be a crowd puller style feature where I provide brief information comparing City’s volume of support with the day’s opponents (the stats may shock a few of City’s rivals as the season progresses!).

Today’s main feature (v Norwich) is on City’s Olympic gold medalists – obviously there have been a few gold winners for football connected with our club but today’s feature focuses on two men connected with City who won gold for other sports.

Hopefully fans will find it interesting.

I’m keen to hear from fans who buy the programme about what areas of history they’d like to read about. Obviously, I want to ensure there’s a connection to the present in some way, but I’m keen to cover topics that fans want to read or learn about.

Please either leave comments below or email me at