Greenacre Debut and Horlock’s First Goal

Today (22 February) in 1997 forward Chris Greenacre made his debut for Manchester City when he came on as substitute for Paul Dickov in the 3-0 victory over Swindon Town. The game also saw the first City goal of Kevin Horlock’s career. You can see that and other highlights here:

City’s scorers were Horlock, Uwe Rosler and Nicky Summerbee.

Remember When City Scored Ten?

Manchester City have scored ten goals or more on a few occasions since formation, most famously in 1987 against Huddersfield Town when the Blues won 10-1. Today (29 January) is the anniversary of another 10-1 victory. This came in 1930 when the fourth FAC tie played by City in 18 days ended in a 10-1 victory over Swindon Town. Subscribers can read reports of the game below.

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Swindon 3 Manchester City 4

Goals from Imre Varadi and Paul Simpson, plus a couple from David White gave Manchester City a memorable 4-3 victory over Swindon Town on this day (31 October) in 1987. You can watch highlights here:

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On This Day: Dickov

On this day (27 September) in 1997 Swindon Town, then top of the First Division, were beaten 6-0 at Maine Road by Manchester City.  Paul Dickov could have scored a hat-trick but instead chose to set the expensive Lee Bradbury up for a much needed morale boosting goal.

Here’s some film of that game:

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