On This Day: Dickov

On this day (27 September) in 1997 Swindon Town, then top of the First Division, were beaten 6-0 at Maine Road by Manchester City.  Paul Dickov could have scored a hat-trick but instead chose to set the expensive Lee Bradbury up for a much needed morale boosting goal.

Here’s some film of that game:

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How Low Can You Go?

On this day (8 August) in 1998 Manchester City began their season at the lowest level (3rd tier) they had ever played in. If you fancy remembering those dark days here’s a clip of the opening League fixture V Blackpool. The Blues won the match 3-0 in front of a capacity crowd – we thought it would all be okay but the following months it all started to… well, you know the rest! Here’s the clip: