On This Day in 2010 – A Manchester Derby Semi-Final

On this day (19th January) in 2010 Manchester City played Manchester United in the League Cup Semi-Final first leg. The story of that game and indeed the second leg was written up a couple of years ago for an update of my 1991 book The Pride Of Manchester (co-written with Steve Cawley).

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Manchester City Season 2009-10

Previous Season

The Blues had ended the 2008-09 season tenth under manager Mark Hughes.


Roberto Mancini replaced Mark Hughes as manager midway through the season in December 2009.

League Overview

The season commenced with four straight League victories over Blackburn (2-0), Wolves (1-0), Portsmouth (1-0) and Arsenal (4-2).  Of these the Arsenal match brought most headlines.  It had been viewed as the first true test of Mark Hughes’ new look City, although both Tevez and Robinho were injured.

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The 2009-10 Manchester League Cup Semi-finals

Back in 1991, together with Steve Cawley, I published The Pride Of Manchester (the history of the Manchester Derby). Ever since then there’s been a desire to update the book to include recent seasons. A few years ago Steve and I did start the process of updating the book but, sadly, we could not find a publisher prepared to produce the book. So, as we’re about to see another League Cup semi-final between City and United, I’ve decided to post here the text we wrote for the 2009-10 League Cup semi-finals. Both legs are covered in this piece which is available to anyone who subscribes to this site (£3 per month or £20 per year – about £1.67 per month – for that subscribers get full access to all posts published so far plus all new posts for the period of their subscription).

Here goes…

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Dismissed, Resigned, Fired; Dismissed, Fired, Survived

First published shortly after Mark Hughes was dismissed as MCFC manager in 2009-10

With the ‘trajectory of results’ hailed as a reason, the December dismissal of Mark Hughes as Manchester City manager prompted many to claim that the sacking was a symptom of new owners coming in without a care for the history and traditions of the game.  The appointment of Roberto Mancini means that during the Noughties, awful phrase I know, City had six managers – Joe Royle (dismissed), Kevin Keegan (resigned), Stuart Pearce (fired), Sven Goran Ericsson (dismissed), Mark Hughes (fired) and Roberto Mancini (at the time of going to press – survived).  

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