Manchester City’s “European Heritage” – Facts Not Fiction

With the 2021 Champions League final looming, most City fans know that the Blues possess a great history but in recent years some of the club’s rivals have tended to play down City’s European heritage suggesting the Blues are relative newcomers to the continent’s biggest competitions. So in this article I thought I’d take the opportunity to spell out a few of City’s earliest connections with European competition:

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MANCHESTER CITY IN EUROPE – 2008-09 v EB Streymur (at home in Barnsley!)

The City of Manchester Stadium, as it was then known, staged the UEFA Cup Final in 2008 and this presented Manchester City with all the evidence the club needed that European football was something the Blues had to strive for.  Fortunately they didn’t have to wait long for the chance to prove what they could do.  

Qualification for the final season of the UEFA Cup (the competition was to be rebranded Europa League for 2009-10) was achieved via the Fair Play League and, as with 2003-04, City had to progress via qualification rounds.  This time however, competition started much earlier for City with games played in July.  It is also worth noting that the Blues had to travel to the remote Faroe Islands for their first match in the tournament.

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