Maine Road 100 – Day 2

The second of my articles counting down to the centenary of Maine Road’s opening game highlights some of the original aims of architect Charles Swain. This image shows the central staircase at the centre of the Main Stand top corridor. In its heyday this was a rather dramatic entry point to the seats. Daylight poured in through the large window and two smaller side windows. At 3pm on a typical match day the sun (okay, this is Manchester so maybe the light!) was directly behind the stand.

The top corridor of the Main Stand provided a more genteel atmosphere than other areas of the ground and when the stadium opened this corridor (below) included two tea rooms and plenty of space for City’s wealthier fans to mingle. The space may seem small by today’s standards but was significantly more impressive than most other venues of the era.

The original aims of architect Charles Swain are so clear. His background was in the design of theatres and cinemas and he wanted to give City attendees the same quality he gave theatre goers.

Maine Road’s Top Corridor. Photo by Ed Garvey

2023 marks the 100th anniversary of Maine Road’s first game and to commemorate this landmark moment I will be posting a different image or feature on the old stadium each day for the next 100 days. Day 100 will be the actual centenary of that historic first game.

If you’d like to read more on the history of Maine Road, take a look at Farewell To Maine Road, which can be downloaded from this page:

Maine Road’s Top Corridor staircase leading to the seats. Photo by Ed Garvey

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