Maine Road 100 – Day 1 Answers

2023 marks the 100th anniversary of Maine Road’s first game and to commemorate this landmark moment I will be posting a different image and feature on the old stadium each day for the next 100 days. Yesterday I started with a little quiz and asked…

Look at this image of Maine Road from 1971. Can you identify the names/details for every one of the numbered areas of the old ground?

Maine Road aerial 1971 from Farewell To Maine Road

The answers are:

1 – Main Stand 1923-2003 (AKA Grand Stand on occasion)

2 – Main Stand J Block 1973-2003 (area between Main & North Stands

3 – Main Stand G Block 1931-1993 (area between Main & Platt Lane Stands, AKA Family Stand; ‘new’ G Block 1993-2003)

4 – Platt Lane Corner 1931-1993 (corner of Platt Lane leading to Main Stand, AKA Apple Pie Corner; The Boys’ Stand; The Boys’ Corner; ‘new’ Family Stand 1993-2003)

5 – Platt Lane Stand 1935-1993 (alternative ‘new’ Platt Lane 1993-2003; UMBRO Stand was initial name after redevelopment; original unroofed terracing 1923-1935)

6 – Platt Lane/Kippax Corner 1923-1994 (alternative: away section – which also stretched into the Kippax; HH temporary stand late 1990s onwards, which was also dubbed the ‘Alan Ball Stand’ as it was small and didn’t make much noise or the Gene Kelly 2)

7 – Kippax Street Stand 1957-1994 (AKA Popular Side 1923-1957 and replaced by ‘new’ Kippax Stand 1994-2003)

8 – Chanters Corner 1960s-1994 (AKA The Sways)

9 – Windy Corner 1923-1994 (area in between Kippax and North Stand; Alternative: Temporary Stand UU 1997-2003 dubbed the Gene Kelly Stand; original terracing 1923 to 1971 then rebuilt terracing as part of North Stand development)

10 – The North Stand 1971-2003 (alternative: The Scoreboard End 1923-1971 and referred to as The City End in an episode of Coronation Street!)

This image and associated terminology will help those unfamiliar with the specifics of the old ground over the coming weeks as I’ll provide more images, stories and facts about Maine Road. Enjoy!

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