Historic Name That Ground – Week 12 Answer

On Monday I asked: ‘Can you name the ground featured in the image above? This is tough because it doesn’t give much away, although the curve in the terracing may help.’ I also gave the following clues:

This image was taken in 1922 as the ground was being prepared for a major event; the venue is still used by a leading English club.

The answer is Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge. The image was taken as they were getting the ground ready to stage the 1922 FA Cup final.

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I had planned to run ‘Historic Name That Ground’ only during the close season as in previous years, but it’s proving of interest so I’ll keep it going for a little while yet. If you have an old image of a ground that you think it’d be worth including in this weekly quiz then please get in touch. They don’t have to be from the 1900s to 1960s – even ground images from the 70s and 80s may prove a challenge to identify these days. You can email me at gary@GJFootballArchive.com Thanks.