Pearce’s Blues

On this day (19 March) in 2005 Stuart Pearce managed Manchester City for the first time following the resignation of Kevin Keegan.  The game with Spurs ended in a 2-1 defeat with Reyna scoring for City at White Hart Lane. Pearce’s side went unbeaten for the rest of the season after this match.

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  1. bertmedia says:

    Off all the Managers I’ve seen at City in the 40yrs I’ve been following them, THIS is the one I’d name as the one I disliked the most.
    Yeah, Alan Ball was a catastrophe,
    Mark Hughes was a Rag,
    and Steve Coppell was just weird, but the complete lack of respect for the club or managerial talent shown by Pearce, as he simultaneously ‘pimped’ himself out for a job with England at ANY opportunity AND served up that season of the most consistently appalling & boring football I’ve ever seen. Good Riddance


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