FA Cup Quarter-Final

On this day (1 March) in 1969 Manchester City faced Tottenham Hotspur in the FA Cup quarter-final at Maine Road.  The Blues showed their determination from the very first minute, although Spurs were equally determined.  Jimmy Greaves and Alan Gilzean attacked the Blues like no other in the competition so far and City felt the pressure, while defensively the Londoners were determined to stop the Blues no matter what.  Johnson was booked for tipping up Bell near the penalty area, then Knowles found the referee taking his name after the player sent Coleman crashing heavily to the ground in another dangerous tackle.    

It was a tough match all round but the in the 64th minute City found an opening.  A lofted ball from Coleman, out deep on the left, stretched across the penalty area where Bell headed it back untroubled into the middle.  Doyle forced his way forward for the ball, then Summerbee turned it forward to Lee.  From approximately eight yards out Lee sent the ball scraping in from the inside of the post, with Jennings unable to reach it. Despite pressure from Greaves & Co. City held on and entered the draw for the semi-final alongside Everton, Leicester, and Cup holders West Bromwich Albion.  In the end the draw paired City with Everton at Villa Park. 

You can read more on the 1968-69 season for Manchester City here:

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