50th Anniversary Derby

On this day (10 February) in 2008 a highly emotional Manchester derby paid tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Munich air crash. After a minute’s silence was impeccably observed the game ended in a City win.

Here’s the BBC report of the game:


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  1. graward2003 says:

    I didn’t go to this game, but I do have a copy of the United programme for the 20th anniversary derby, that was due to be played on Saturday the 4th of February, 1978, but was postponed due to a frozen pitch, if memory serves.

    The referee for this game was Clive ‘The Book’ Thomas, who, as a family, we went out with the night before to the Piccadilly Hotel, and then on to Old Trafford, which is how I got the programme, and a signed menu from one of the suites at the ground that was holding a function there.


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