Free Online Talk on History of MCFC Support – Register Now

On Saturday March 5 at 3pm (UK time) I will be doing a talk/presentation on the history of Manchester City’s support.

The talk will last about 1 hour and will be online, so you should able to access it anywhere. It will cover the history of Manchester City’s support with particular reference to:

•Match day ritual at Maine Road

•The Viking Call

•The ‘Boys Stand’

•Record crowds

•Songs & chants

•Fancy dress, bananas & bells


•The Supporters Club

This presentation and talk is based on my popular 2019 talk at the Dancehouse Theatre in Manchester (if you attended that you will already have seen it!). I go into detail about the history of City’s support and celebrate some of the unique aspects of over 125 years of Manchester City FC.

This is a free event but there are a limited number of tickets. These must be ordered in advance. Subscribers can order their tickets now. There is a limited capacity so please book early if you want to participate. If any tickets are left I will open this up for non-subscribers at a later day (though this cannot be guaranteed of course). Further details below for subscribers:

Subscribe to get access

Book your ticket for the talk and access all the articles, interviews and archive material on this site when you subscribe today.


  1. bertmedia says:

    Hiya Gary, this sounds ace, havin been to the dancehouse presentation twice, I’m gagging to get about listen, but when I click the link provided it just takes to back to Twitter? I’ve even downloaded the Eventbrite app but can’t find it on there ….is the link right mate ?


      1. bertmedia says:

        Brilliant, thats worked fine, thanks blue


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