Joe Mercer Book Launch Video 1993

Back in 1993 my biography of Joe Mercer was published for the first time. We staged a book launch in the centre of Manchester attended by various footballers and friends of the Mercers. Myself, Norah Mercer, Malcolm Allison, Mike Summerbee and Francis Lee all spoke at the launch which was ably compered by broadcaster James H Reeve. Here’s a trailer the speeches for subscribers to the si

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  1. graward2003 says:

    Good morning, Thank you for this, I’ve seen the Malcolm Allison section before, that was superb. The link shown is the opening 2 minutes plus, so are there further pieces to come showing the 40 minutes stated, or has the wrong one been attached? Cheers, Graham Ward


    1. Good spot! I’ve had a technical problem with the rest of it. I will get it posted over the next week or so. Thanks


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