Malcolm Allison Audio Interview Part One

Thirty years ago, while researching for my biography of Joe Mercer, I interviewed Malcolm Allison in his flat at Yarm. Starting today (Wednesday 17th March) I am serialising that interview over five days for subscribers. 

I’ve often talked at supporters’ meetings and other events about this first time I met Malcolm. There are several funny aspects to it and I may post the story of the interview at some point.

In the interview over the following five days Malcolm talks about him meeting Joe Mercer for the first time; joining Manchester City; the relationship with Joe; the signing of the players; the major successes; the set-up of Manchester City at the time and much more.

Obviously, this was recorded on an old cassette recorder so, at times, the quality is not the best, plus every so often you can hear Malcolm’s young (I think she was two) daughter in the background. Despite the background noise I’m sure you’ll agree that this exclusive interview is worth listening to.

Each section lasts between ten and twenty minutes so get yourself a brew and have a listen.

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While you’re here I’d like to thank you for taking the time and trouble to visit my website. I have been researching and writing about Manchester football for a long time (no wonder I’m going grey!) with my first book published in 1989. I am not employed by anyone and I do not have sponsorship either and so I’ve set up this website to help share my 32 years plus writing and research. The intention is to develop the archive and to provide access to as much of my material as possible over the coming weeks, months & years. Subscribers can already access over 280 articles/posts including the entire Manchester A Football History book and an audio interview with former City boss John Bond I performed in 1995. 

Thanks, Gary

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