Maine Road Name

Where did the name Maine Road come from? For years I’ve been researching the site and what’s published here is the latest material I have on the ground. I’ve now found mention of ‘Maine Road’ in the 1890s. Subscribe to this site to find out more (it costs £20 a year – about £1.67 a month – or £3 a month if subscribing a month at a time. For that you get full access to everything posted on this site and all new posts until your subscription ends. You’ll also be supporting my writing and research – Thanks. It is appreciated).

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  1. bertmedia says:

    It is mad, even today when you walk up Maine Road from Moss Lane, a few of end terrace houses are slightly different to all the other houses Ive seen in Moss Side, like on Cyril St & Hollywood St where the houses seem a little smaller/lower and the end terrace has additional windows/doors, I imagine this is because when built, they would have looked/opened out to w we empty fields ?!?

    Fascinating Gary, love it
    Thank You

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    1. Yes. The buildings around there tell us so much about the area. Like any area, streets or rows with names like ‘Spring View’ may no longer look out on to a spring but at the time of building would’ve done. Maine was never an obvious fit with that area but once the full story is researched and known it all makes sense. Cheers

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      1. bertmedia says:

        Always have & always will have a soft spot for the name Platt Lane too….a street name that meant ‘City’ as a kid just as much as Maine Rd did 😉


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