A Momentous Event Held Here

This image is of the Old Boar’s Head, Withy Grove, Manchester. On this day (21 May) in 1894 a momentous event connected with Manchester football was held here. Read on for details of what that was….

Manchester was celebrating on this day in 1894. Not only did Queen Victoria open the Manchester Ship Canal that day but Manchester City Football Club was admitted into the Football League. The club had no players; little money and there were still question marks over the ground they would use but somehow they headed the vote for admission/re-election to the League. The full story was covered earlier this year when I did a hour long talk on it all. Subscribers can watch that below:

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Manchester-Liverpool Rivalry

In terms of football the two cities of Manchester and Liverpool were extremely close for decades but in business and everyday life they have been rivals (bitter at times) for over 150 years. People will talk about all sorts of factors with the main one discussed being about the trade issues Manchester faced because Liverpool basically controlled Manchester’s access to the sea. I don’t want to go on too much about it all but I do want to show these sections from American newspapers which give an indication of what the situation was from another nation’s point of view.

It’s interesting to note that at least one of these articles shows that Manchester tried to ensure the whole of England benefitted from the city’s growing prosperity, suggesting that previously Liverpool only benefitted from this kind of trade.

Crittenden Record, July 04, 1907
Americus Times, April 14, 1903,
The Morning News, July 23, 1894

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Last Chance: Free Online Presentation This Wednesday on Joshua Parlby and the Launch of MCFC – Register Now

This Wednesday (1 March at 6pm UK time) my talk on Joshua Parlby and the launch of Manchester City FC in 1894 will take place. It’ll last about 1 hour and is free to attend but places must be reserved in advance. It will follow a similar format to previous talks I’ve done on the origins of MCFC but this one will specifically focus on the launch of City in 1894. I’ll talk about Parlby, his background and the development of MCFC which was established with the aim of creating a club to represent the whole of Manchester.

Sign up to listen to this free event where I will explain how Ardwick died, City was created and the steps Parlby took to get City into the League. I’ll be explaining how significant this was and who the key players were, plus pointing out the role Queen Victoria played in it. There are some myths out there about the club’s birth as MCFC so come and listen to the facts. This hour will include the opportunity to ask questions as I’m keen to hear your thoughts on these formative years for the club.

The event will be live on Zoom on 1/3/23 at 6pm and a link will be sent to all those who have registered for the event beforehand (probably earlier that day). THIS WILL BE EMAILED OUT SEPARATELY AND NOT VIA THE EVENTBRITE WEBSITE.

The plan is to present the facts and history of the birth of the club and its development as Manchester City during the 1890s. Dispelling myths and revealing the latest research and evidence of what actually happened.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions about this critical period for football development in Manchester. Everyone can register now.

You must register here if you want to get involved. If you’d like an example of what the talk will be like take a look at:

The talk will last about 1 hour and will be online on zoom, so you should be able to access it anywhere.

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