Historic Name That Ground – Week 8 Answer

On Monday I asked: ‘Can you name the ground featured in the image above? It looks tough but you can see that I’ve blocked out the club’s name from above the doorway. If you recognise that doorway (they also used to have the name written in a similar way above some turnstiles, certainly into the 1980s) then you’ll get it. The only other clue is that the ground is no longer standing. Leave your comments below.’ The answer is…

Leicester City’s old Filbert Street ground. The photo is from 1939.

Each Monday for the next few weeks I’ll post an image of a football ground taken in the past and you can see if you can recognise the ground. Some will be easy (believe it or not there are some grounds that have not changed much in all those decades!), others not so. You’ll be able to post your view in comments at the bottom of each page. The following Friday I’ll post the answer.

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