Bishop’s Back

On this day (25 March) in 1998 cult hero Ian Bishop returned to Maine Road for his second spell with Manchester City. At the time fans saw that as further evidence new manager Joe Royle understood the club and its fans.  Bishop was idolised in his previous spell almost nine years earlier, and his departure provoked demonstrations against then manager Howard Kendall. 

Bishop loved the support he got during his first brief spell: ‘I remember we were playing Norwich and the crowd sang my name.  I cannot describe how that felt.  I never wanted to leave but I knew that there was no future for me at City.  Ever since then I have hoped I would get another chance at the Club but you begin to wonder if it will ever happen.  Whenever I have returned to Maine Road with West Ham the reception has been amazing.

‘I feel I have at least three or four good years in me because my game has never been based on pace alone.  I want to make up for the time I lost because I have always regretted that my first spell here only lasted six months.  Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to end my career here, although I am not planning to hang up my boots for some time.’

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