Happy Anniversary!

Two years ago today this website was launched and so I wanted to talk a little bit about it; why I’ve done it; and what it offers. I’d firstly like to take this opportunity to thank everyone interested in my work. Next, I’d like to explain why I’m doing this; what the archive consists of and how often it is added to.

First – why? For several years people have been asking me when I’d be doing my own blog and over the years I’ve always been pleased with the responses to my guest appearances on podcasts, vlogs and blogs. The feedback has been excellent but I’ve always had so much more to say. I care passionately about ensuring football’s history is properly researched & recorded and feel there’s always a place for detailed, quality research.

The idea of creating this blog and archive came because I wanted to create new content, based on the research I’ve performed over the decades, while also setting up an archive of my past work. Much of my writing is now out of print and it matters enormously to me that books like my first one, From Maine Men to Banana Citizens, and my detailed Manchester A Football History should be available (annual subscribers can access both these out of print books). Other books will follow of course. In addition, exclusive audio interviews with John Bond, Malcolm Allison and others are also stored here for annual subscribers to listen to.

I am a self employed historian and spend all my working week writing, researching and publishing my work. I am not an employee of any organisation (I know some think I’m employed by a football club but I’m not an employee nor am I an official club historian of any club). I am independent of any organisation and care passionately about the quality and accuracy of my work. As so much of my writing is out of print I am keen to continue to develop this archive for my work and add to it as time goes by. I’ve been running it for two years now and 100s of articles have now been posted. In fact I’ve been posting at least 1 a day now for some time.

Next – So what is my football archive? It is a place where I write new stuff and post some of my earlier works. You can use the search and category functions to see what’s been posted over these last few years, but the site includes material, interviews, profiles, past articles, book sections, written and audio interviews and more. Some of this material was written some time ago or is based on interviews performed many years ago (including interviews with players who have since died). Most of the material posted so far is connected with Manchester City’s men’s team but there are articles of interest to Manchester United; followers of women’s football and other teams, including England. Further articles on all Manchester’s clubs will follow. 

Some articles are free to download but much material is available to subscribers only. As mentioned earlier, my research and writing is something I strive hard to ensure is of quality. No one employs me to research but my commitment to those who read my work is that I will always seek to maintain the highest standards. I am eternally grateful to those who purchase my books or subscribe to my work.

To see what articles have already been published go to the search page (using the links under the banner at the top of this page) and either search on a key word or have a look at the categories listed there.

Next – when? There are already about 800 posts/articles live and this will continue to increase. Over time I hope to have my biography of Joe Mercer and other books (as well as those already posted) available in this archive. I’m keen to hear from subscribers which books, articles, interviews they’d like access to here. I want this to develop into a community of readers whose views absolutely matter.

A limited amount of content will always be free for anyone to read but those subscribing will have access to everything on this site for as long as they subscribe. For subscribers I will post a minimum of 4 new articles alongside adding material from my archives each month (it’s often more in practice). To subscribe costs £3 a month or £20 a year (the 2010 edition of Manchester A Football History which is posted for subscribers as PDF chapters cost £24.95 when published and is now out of print, so £20 is value for money). Those subscribing at £3 per month get access to everything posted since 1 October 2022 and can cancel anytime (so why not give it a trial?). Thos subscribing at £20 per year get access to everything posted since December 2020 when I was setting it all up.

Whichever subscription you get access to the everything to be posted during your subscription as well as the stuff already posted. You can subscribe below.

Subscribe to get access – Monthly

£3 per month (access everything since 1 October 2022)

Subscribe to get access – Annual

£20 per year (access everything since December 2020)

If you’re uncertain whether to subscribe or not then why not subscribe for a month at £3 and see if you’re getting value for money. The £20 annual subscription works out about £1.67 a month for a guaranteed 4 new articles per month and access to everything else posted in the archive.

Thanks for reading this. If you’d like to subscribe then please do so below. I really appreciate the support and I promise I’ll continue to add content that informs, entertains and has been researched to the highest standards.

If you’re not bothered about the material but fancy supporting my writing then subscribe anyway – I promise it is appreciated.

Happy new year!

Best wishes, Gary

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