Historic Name That Ground – Week 21

Here’s the latest ground to identify. I know it’s a tough one BUT… there’s a reason I’ve chosen this week to post this image plus eagle-eyed visitors to this site may notice that I have actually used part of this image before in connection with another story. So where is it?

On Friday I’ll post the answer but before then it would be great if you can post your guesses below. So, as well as the ground see if you can work out why I’ve posted the image this week and what the previous story I’d used part of this image for was in connection with.

Can you name the ground featured in the image above?


  1. Sean says:

    Hyde Road – Manchester City, Player Billy Meredith


    1. Jonathan Meynell says:

      Hyde Road. Did part of this stand end up at The Shay?


  2. Glyn Griffiths says:

    100 years this week since Manchester City decided to leave Hyde Road ( November 1920) so I guess it’s Hyde Road


  3. Glyn Griffiths says:

    Correction :- 101 years since decision to leave Hyde Road but it was still this week in November!!!!!


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