The Keeper: Bert Trautmann

On Sunday (September 5, 2021) evening at 10pm BBC 2 will be showing ‘The Keeper’. I was a consultant to this film. If you’ve not seen it then you certainly should. Trautmann was an incredible man. It’s a dramatisation of a life not always factually exactly what happened but I hope it inspires everyone to find out more about a perceived enemy who became a hero. To mark this event here’s a chapter I wrote for my MCFC Hall of Fame book a few years back…

“Unfortunately, Bert is ill at the moment and cannot be here, however when he can make it we will ensure he receives this award.  On his behalf, I’d like to thank you for this wonderful award and recognition for a truly great City player.” Chairman John Wardle collecting the Hall of Fame award in January 2004)

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You can read about a significant moment from Trautmann’s City career here:

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