Leeds V Real Betis: The Peter Barnes Derby?

Every game seems to need its own unique moniker these days. Every time there’s a live game on TV that is perhaps a difficult sell to those accustomed to only watching the so-called Big Two/Three/Four/Five/Six (delete as applicable depending on what decade we’re in) the TV companies rush to give them a name, often connected with a road (If Denton play Hyde would that be the M67 Derby?) or area of the country. So… as Leeds are playing Betis on Saturday (31/7/21) what better than calling it the ‘Peter Barnes Derby’?

Peter played for both clubs in the 1980s. At Betis he was known as El Rubio (the blond one) and at Leeds he was the club’s record signing (for many, many years). These are two clubs that, unless you’re a fan of either, the general public don’t tend to associate with Peter.

In The Peter Barnes Authorised Biography, which came out at the start of this month, Peter and I talk about what Leeds and Betis meant to him. Neither period was the highlight of career of course but both did mean something to him and he had been keen to play for Leeds for years. In the book he talks about almost joining the club as a boy; idolising an Elland Rd player (a Leeds legend); Don Revie’s singing interests and life at Leeds during a difficult period.

Peter’s time in Spain is also covered, including a game in which he nutmegged Maradona! To find out more order the book now.

You can still buy the book direct from me by using the link below:

The Peter Barnes Authorised Biography (£16.95 incl UK Postage)

372 pages, 110,000 words, 100s of illustrations… Of particular interest to fans of City, United, WBA, Leeds, Real Betis, Coventry, Tampa Bay Rowdies and England. Outside UK contact for additional postage cost.


Of course, if you only ever buy your books from certain online retailers then both Amazon and Waterstones are now advertising that they have it. Outside the UK this may be the cheapest way to order your copy. If you are outside the UK then please let me know if you find an online retailer servicing your country and I’ll post the details. Thanks

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