The 300th Post

This site was launched on January 1 this year and already I’ve reached the 300th post. I’d like to take this opportunity of thanking all those who have commented on the site and, especially, those who have subscribed. 22,326 people have visited the site since it’s launch. I’m bowled over by the response. It really is appreciated.

For those that haven’t subscribed here’s some background to the site and comments on the material that you can find here.

I set the site up as an archive of new writing and of my past works with the intention being that over time as much of my past writing can be posted here for the enjoyment of subscribers. Subscribers can access all content on here, including the entire 2010 edition of my Manchester A Football History book (PDFs of every chapter from this out of print history of men’s football within the Manchester region) and exclusive audio interviews with John Bond, Malcolm Allison and George Graham. Much more to come of course.

There’s also the oldest surviving film of Manchester City Ladies (now Women), captured in January 1989 and numerous other articles (including some of my academic work) and stories.

Many of the articles are in-depth pieces of several thousand words.

If you would like to see the type of feature that’s been posted and do not currently subscribe use the ‘Free’ tab above to see a selection of posts, including an audio interview with Trevor Sinclair and profiles of Colin Bell, Sergio Agüero plus others.

For those of you that do subscribe I’d like to say ‘thanks’. It really is appreciated and I hope you’re happy with everything on the site. If you would like to suggest content (don’t worry I’ve got plenty scheduled over the coming months, but I’m always open to ideas from subscribers) then please contact me.

I’ve been asked a few times why I’ve set this site up and why much content is only available to subscribers. Well, at present I do not have a regular outlet for my writing, research and interviews and so I’ve set up this website to help share my 32 years plus writing and research. The intention is to develop the archive and to provide access to as much of my material as possible over the coming weeks, months & years. 

I am not employed by anyone and no one pays me to do research or interviews. Similarly, I do not have sponsorship or advertising either and so the choice was either find advertisers (which potentially may then have a detrimental effect on one of the other great Manchester writers/bloggers/vloggers who do have advertising – there’s only so many advertisers to go around) or have a subscription model. I chose the subscription model as this seems fairest. If people want to subscribe then that’s appreciated and I’m grateful; if not then that’s absolutely fine. That’s personal choice which I always support.

It costs £20 a year (it works out £1.67 a month) or £3 if you’d like to sign up a month at a time to get full access for as long as you subscribe (you can always try it for a month if you’ve doubts). It’s worth bearing in mind that the 2010 Manchester A Football History cost £24.95 and all subscribers will be able to access all of that for as long as they are a subscriber (plus all the other stuff of course). You can subscribe below.

Subscribe to get access

Read more of this site when you subscribe today.

Anyway, thanks for the support and for reading this. It is appreciated. Here’s to the next 300 posts!

Best wishes,


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