On This Day in 1974

On this day (2nd March) in 1974 Manchester City faced Wolverhampton Wanderers in the League Cup final at Wembley. It was City’s second League Cup final in four years and saw the Blues, managed by Ron Saunders, lose 2-1. Colin Bell scored for City. For the story of the game, including quotes from interviews I’ve performed with Bell, Swales, Wagstaffe etc., see:


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  1. graward2003 says:

    This was my first trip to London, and Wembley. As a family (father, mother, two children), we travelled down on Friday and stayed the weekend at the Hendon Hall hotel, just as England did in 1966.
    I remember being directly in line behind a view of Colin Bell’s goal (same in 1981 game one), and going berserk, but then getting a tap on the shoulder and told to sit down after joining in with the singing celebrating the goal.
    The late second was crushing, but no tears, but it wasn’t the greatest start to a weekend away!
    The Sunday was spent doing the tourist gig, but everywhere we went and wanted to see was shut – St Paul’s etc. I’ve got a photo of my sister with pidgeons in Trafalgar Square, and, just in the background can be seen other young City fans/families who had the same idea of staying overnight – the kids have the red and black, and royal blue, white and red coloured scarves/bobble hats.
    A much better trip was two years later!


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