Decisive Derbies: 1969-1970 – The first League Cup semi-finals between Manchester City and Manchester United

On Wednesday 6th January 2020 Manchester City and Manchester United will play yet another semi-final in the League Cup. Unlike the previous semi-finals however this one will be a one-leg affair (due to potential fixture congestion it was decided to take this approach).

The first ever League Cup semi final between the teams – indeed the first ever League Cup tie between them – came during the 1969-70 season. That was the first season when all 92 League clubs entered the competition.

Here is the background to each of the 1969-70 semi-final legs and a report on each game with lineups, attendance details etc.


DERBY: League Cup

DATE 3rd December 1969 

COMPETITION League Cup S/F leg 1

VENUE Maine Road


MANCHESTER CITY 2 (Bell, Lee pen)


Manchester City: Joe CORRIGAN, Tony BOOK, Glyn PARDOE, Mike DOYLE, Tommy BOOTH, Alan OAKES, Mike SUMMERBEE, Colin BELL, Francis LEE, Neil YOUNG, Ian BOWYER. Unused substitute: Dave CONNOR. Manager: Joe MERCER 

Manchester United: Alex STEPNEY, Paul EDWARDS, Tony DUNNE, Francis BURNS, Ian URE, David SADLER, George BEST, Brian KIDD, Bobby CHARLTON, Nobby STILES, John ASTON. Unused Substitute: Jim RYAN. Manager: Wilf McGUINNESS

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