Historic Name That Ground – Week 6

Continuing the weekly quiz… here’s the latest. This is from the 1920s and is a ground that is still in use, although it has changed significantly since this image was taken. The only other clues I’ll give are that last time I looked most of the houses seen on this photo were still standing AND this ground has staged Premier League football within the last twenty years.

As usual, leave your comments below and on Friday I’ll post the answer.


  1. Peter Thompson says:

    Having a guess at Elwood Park, looking at that stand!


    1. Peter Thompson says:

      *Ewood Park


  2. Andy says:

    Ewood Park.


  3. Glyn Griffiths says:

    Ewood Park Blackburn


  4. Sean Grovestock says:

    St. Andrews, Birmingham City


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